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"Lucy is a spirited, talented and passionate artist who channels her love and interest in nature, the supernatural and the human experience into her artwork through the medium of paint. Her intrinsically personal approach to creating her work results in unique paintings full of colour, movement and textures, often featuring scenes, figures or creatures from her dreams. Lucy’s work suited the setting and vibe of the event I was organising so I asked her to create two murals for it. One was on a large scale and the other on a smaller scale. I gave her a very open brief to allow her full creative freedom and was so happy with what she produced. Lucy’s work ethic is impressive - despite creating such a large scale mural her attention to detail did not waver - and both murals contributed hugely to the events success, attracting much admiration from attendees." - Sophie Coleman - Client




"I had a problem that needed to be solved. There was a wall in my living room that was completely empty. So I approached Lucy for a solution, in the hopes of bringing some colour and personality to some otherwise dead space.

On the initial design, she asked many exploratory questions to tease out themes, frameworks and references to allow for some initial ideas as to what I was looking for.
Once she had an idea in mind, she sketched out some preliminary thoughts and let me steer towards my preferences. I was able to call out particular colours, shapes, and styles I liked, and if there was anywhere I couldn't provide guidance, Lucy was able to fill in the blanks.


And then she got to work! I was kept in contact throughout, and allowed me to chime in with some ideas as the painting started to take shape. And with each update, I was hit with a new level of surprise. The depth and complexity was evident after little more than the first pencil outline, and every new update was phenomenal.

Was the end result exactly what I had expected from the beginning? Probably not. The finished product, ultimately, was the piece I did not even know I wanted. I am truly delighted by what was delivered, and it is a great joy to get to see it every day. It is an experience I will remember, and the finished painting now stands as the most vibrant and striking decoration in my home." - Alex Dyer - Client.


"It was an absolute delight having Lucy as our resident artist at Sunhaze Lucy was a joy to work with! She is extremely lovely, pro active and really helped to create the perfect atmosphere at Sunhaze with her beautiful art. Lucy's work adorned the walls with a rich tapestry of beautiful psychedelic work. Additionally, Lucy painted a piece live at the event, which was absolutely incredible! I am looking at the painting now whilst I write these words . The piece is a very special time capsule of the event, as it encapsulates the movement and life of the room Lucy and her art are a joy!" - Jen Finch - Sunhaze Bristol Event Owner


"I commissioned a painting by Lucy Tyler and discussed at some length with her the size, theme and colour scheme I would like.  I asked for the central theme to be a lotus flower and include suggestions of life and nature, using mainly shades of pinks and purples/lavenders.  She checked in with me on progress and consulted me to ensure that the colours were satisfactory.  The finished painting was beautiful and now has pride of place in my home where it is admired by all my visitors.  I shall be commissioning another painting soon and will also be buying prints as gifts for friends.  She is a very talented artist." - Janet Larkin - Client



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