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Artist Bio

As a self-taught Intuitive, Visionary and Psychedelic painter, I’m deeply passionate about the exploration of consciousness and finding ways to represent this through raw artistic expression. I use bright and vivid colour palettes as well as shapes and form inspired by the beauty of nature to create completely unique pieces of work. My greatest ambition is to bring joy to others by communicating the ineffable through each brushstroke. The sprawling tendrils of rainforest vines, the delicate veins of a lotus petal, the unfathomable expanse of a nebula in space are all forms that inspire my work. I am greatly influenced by ancient architecture and cave paintings; both of which are recurring themes throughout my work.

I am predominantly an ‘intuitive’ painter. This is a technique achieved by foregoing the traditional planning process of most styles of painting, and letting go of conscious thought to allow the body to move the paint on the canvas, building up layers until images from deep within the subconscious mind have appeared. This process has been a years’ long journey of self-discovery, connecting with the innermost self as well as tuning into the collective consciousness in order to become a vessel for something bigger than myself as an individual. I believe, like many others before me, that it is important to break the rules and push against traditions and boundaries in the pursuit of artistic integrity.

I also create distinctive photos showcasing my lifelong love of  the natural world, capturing the delicate beauty of my Sussex home, and further afield when the opportunity arises! I am especially interested in macro photography, having always had a deep fascination with the tiniest details, patterns and structures that make up our world.

Currently I am developing a new style of art, one that will combine intuitive working with visionary and psychedelic imagery. I hope to make connections with other artists within the UK and across the world by fostering a hybrid of these disciplines and finding a niche within them.

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